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When I say Make America Aware Again I’m saying let’s collectively unlearn and relearn, let’s collectively raise our consciousness and vibrate higher, let’s collectively obtain knowledge of self, know who we are and our power, and let’s collectively deprogram and see past the illusion, while we feel, perceive, and create a narrative that will benefit all of mankind.

My goal as a human being is to enrich others, be a positive force in the world, and make a difference in people’s lives. I want to contribute to the creation of a high vibrational change within this universe. My motivation to improve and strive for greatness comes from my belief that we’re all connected on a grand level, through a higher power that exists inside us all. This knowledge inspires me to make myself available as much as possible to service humanity, and influence my environment in a constructive way. My name is Kia Marlene, and I am a writer and a human who cares.

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