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About The Author


About Kia Marlene

Kia Marlene was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and began writing poetry in order to

delve deeper into the spiritual world and investigate her higher purpose. Her quest to

understand the universe has led her to become an avid researcher and writer. With over 400

pages of therapeutic, thought-provoking, illuminating poetry in her debut collection Evolution of Awareness, which is set to be released in 2020, she wants people to know that they, too, can evolve.

There can be no highs without lows, no light without darkness, and no discovery without the act of being lost. When I first began writing the poems that would end up in this collection, I had strayed off the path that would eventually lead to my illumination. These poems reflect a transformation of mine that took place after a period of hibernation, isolation and soul searching. Throughout this book the reader is given insight into my own personal evolution, and is shown how

to enact that evolution within themselves.

Ask not what your awareness can do for you,

        ask what you can do for your awareness.

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